How Navigator works in MetaTrader
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As with Market Watch, the Navigator is one of the main sections in the MetaTrader platform. If you do not find this section on your platform, you may have it disabled. To enable it, please follow the following path: View -> Browser (Ctrl +N)

enabled navigator

In our Navigator, we can find the following sections:

  • Accounts: Here, we can see both the servers and the accounts registered on the platform and add a new account.


add account
  • Indicators: In this section, we will find the indicators that are at our disposal classified into “Trend,” “Oscillators,” “Volumes,” “Bill Williams,” and “Examples.” From here, we can also add the indicators to our chart.

  • Expert Advisors: In this section, we will find the available Expert Advisors. We can also add the EAs to our chart.

  • Scripts,

  • Services,

  • Market: In this section, we can get new indicators and Expert Advisors (EAs),

  • Signals: In this section, we can subscribe to different trading signals,

  • VPS: In this section, we can hire the services of a VPS.

If you have any problems or questions with this procedure, please contact us.

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