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Market Watch
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Market Watch is one of the main sections we can find in MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader 5. In this section, you will find the list of available products and the latest prices. If you can't find a particular instrument, you may need to add it to the list. This other article, will explain how to add an instrument to Market Watch.

If we do not have this option activated, we can add it to the MetaTrader platform through the "View" tab by selecting the "Market Watch" option. We can also use the CTRL + M key combination.

What information can we see on the Market Watch?

By default, the Market Watch comprises three columns: Symbol, Bid, and Ask. But we can also add more columns to this window that will provide us with interesting information, among which we can find, for example:

  • High/low,

  • Spread,

  • Daily Change,

  • Bid high/low,

  • Ask high/low,

  • Open price,

  • Close price.

To add any of these columns, right-click on the Market Watch and select the columns option.

In our example, we will expand the Market Watch with the spread and daily change columns, where we will see the percentage variation of the market during the session.

We can also access more specific information about any instrument through the Market Watch, such as the EURUSD. To access this information, click with the right mouse button and choose the “Specification” option.

How can I trade and open a chart window from the Market Watch?

Through Market Watch, you will not only find market information but can also open a new order for a certain instrument and even open its chart to analyze it. To open a new trade, click the right mouse button on the desired instrument and choose the “New order” option.

On the other hand, if you want to open a new chart, right-click on one of the instruments in the Market Watch window and select "Chart window."

If you have any problems or questions with this procedure, please contact us.

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