How to customize the toolbar in MetaTrader
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In MetaTrader, we can find the toolbar at the top with different options to help us analyze the charts. There are three groups of tools:

  • Standard: In this bar, we will find basic and necessary tools to be able to work with this platform:

    • Open a New Chart,

    • Access to the Symbols menu,

    • Activate Algo Trading,

    • Open a New Order,

    • Change the chart type (line, bar, or candlestick chart),

    • Zoom in or out,

    • Turn chart auto scrolling on or off.

  • Line study: From this toolbar, we can draw different lines or figures that will allow us to analyze the chart:

    • Arrow cursor or crosshair cursor,

    • Vertical, horizontal and trend lines,

    • Channels,

    • Geometric figures,

    • Fibonacci retracements and extensions.

I can't find the toolbar in my MetaTrader, how can I activate it?

If you do not find any of these toolbars on your MetaTrader platform, you go to the View menu and activate the desired toolbar.

Can I customize the toolbar?

We can modify the toolbar by adding or eliminating any default options. To customize them, right-click on the group we want to change and select the “customize” option. In the next window, we will see all the options we can add or delete.

In addition, it is also possible to change their position; to do this we will only have to drag one of these sections to the desired location.

If our toolbar remains an independent floating window by chance, we can return it to its original position by simply double-clicking with the mouse on this window.

If you have any questions about this procedure, please contact us.

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