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How to install an indicator or Expert Advisor in MetaTrader
How to install an indicator or Expert Advisor in MetaTrader
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Although various indicators come by default on the MetaTrader platform, we may be interested in obtaining or adding new indicators to help us in our strategy. We can obtain new indicators through the following:

  • The "Code base" tab in the MetaTrader 5 platform Toolbox (Terminal in MetaTrader 4),

  • From the "Market" option that we can find in the platform Navigator,

  • From the developer's website at,

  • From external websites or independent developers.

code base

*Please note that to download indicators on the platform through MQL5, you must be registered in MQL5.

How can I download an indicator or Expert Advisor through the platform?

Suppose we want to download a free indicator through MetaTrader's "Market" option. Once selected, we will see a page where we can briefly describe how this indicator works and from where we can download it.


Once downloaded, we will find this indicator in the list of our Navigator and we can now add it to our chart:


If we want to delete it, we just have to click with the right mouse button and select the “Delete” option.


How can I install an indicator from an external source?

If we obtain an indicator from an external developer or through a third source, we will have to install this indicator manually. Suppose we have some Elder flags in a Windows folder:


If we want to install them on the MetaTrader platform, follow the path: File --> Open data folder (Ctrl + Shift +D)

open data folder

Once inside, select the MQL5 folder and access “indicators.” We will need to copy the Elder indicators from the first folder in that folder.


mql5 indicators

Once this process is finished, close the platform and restart it again so that the indicator appears in the indicators section in our Navigator.

If you have any problems or questions with this procedure, please contact us.

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