How does the strategy tester work in MetaTrader?
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When we trade in the financial markets, some of the most used strategies are operated through Expert Advisors; therefore, it can be interesting to test these strategies in safe environments such as demo accounts and check their effectiveness over time with the Strategy Tester.

What is the strategy tester?

A strategy tester is a useful tool offered by the MetaTrader platform that allows us to test the reliability and performance obtained by our Expert Advisor during a specific period based on the established configurations.

To activate the strategy tester, please use the following path in our MetaTrader platform: View – Strategy Tester (or through the Ctrl+R command).

Once the strategy tester is open, please choose the Expert Advisor to test:

Subsequently, please establish the desired configurations, which include:

  • Symbol or instrument with which we wish to operate,

  • Timeframe,

  • Analysis period (start and end dates),

  • Modelling type,

  • Deposit and currency,

  • Leverage.

In the previous step, we can also activate the so-called “visual mode,” which will graphically show us how the Expert Advisor works, although this option can slow down the performance of this tool. Once the test is finished, in the “history” tab, we can see the results of the operations carried out.

If you have any problems or questions with this procedure, do not hesitate to contact us.

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