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My connection to the server is slow, how can I change the access points in MetaTrader?
My connection to the server is slow, how can I change the access points in MetaTrader?
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When we operate in financial markets, please check if you have a good connection speed with the server to obtain a better positioning when executing our trading or investment trades. Therefore, we should check the latency speed with the server that we have on our MetaTrader platform.

What is latency speed?

We understand latency as the time it takes for a data packet to be transmitted over a network, the time that elapses between the system requesting information and receiving a response. Therefore, the smaller the latency, the faster the connection. On our MetaTrader platform, we can find this information in the available access points.

How can I see the available access points in MetaTrader?

If we want to check the connection speed on our MetaTrader trading platform, click on the lower right corner of it, after which the available access points will be shown:

What's the meaning of this data?

As a general rule, we can consider that an access point is better or worse based on the following ranges:

  • Ideal: 0 ms,

  • Excellent: 1-20 ms,

  • Good: 20-50 ms,

  • Fair: 50-100 ms,

  • Poor: 100-200 ms,

  • Very poor: 200-500 ms,

  • Unacceptable: 500 ms and above.

Although we should also assess its connection stability (more green bars), please try to choose the access point with the best speed and connection stability. We just make click on the desired access point to change from one access point to another.

If you have any problems or questions with this procedure, do not hesitate to contact us.

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