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How to make a partial close with MetaTrader Supreme Edition
How to make a partial close with MetaTrader Supreme Edition
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When trading on financial markets and opening a transaction, we may face the dilemma of whether to close the trade entirely and collect the profits obtained, or partially close our position to secure some of these benefits while keeping the possibility of the remaining trade continuing towards our main goal.

In the following points, we will explain how you can partially close a trade with MetaTrader Supreme Edition.

Mini terminal

Through the Mini Terminal, we have two basic options to close an operation partially:

  • The first option is to click on the settings icon that you will find on the transaction ticket and select the “Partial Close” option, where you can choose different closing percentage options.

partial close mini terminal 1
  • The second option is clicking on the ticket label, and in the window, choose the “Partial closure” option. Once inside, you must set the volume you want to close.

partial close mini terminal 2

partial close mini terminal 3

Trade Terminal

As with the Mini terminal, with the Trade terminal of our MetaTrader Supreme Edition platform, you can also carry out partial closings of your open trades:

  • In the first option, we can partially close a specific order or a group of them simultaneously. To do this, we must follow the following route: Tools – All orders / Selected orders – Partial close.

partial close trade terminal 1
  • The second option is through the order ticket. After clicking, a window similar to the one mentioned when we were talking about the Mini Terminal will appear, and you will have to select the “Partial Close” option and set the volume.

partial close trade terminal 2

partial close trade terminal 3

Please note that to close an order partially, you must introduce a correct volume since the minimum volume allowed for a particular instrument is 0.1 lots. You will not be able to partially close 0.01 lots because this volume is not allowed.

If you have any problems or questions with this procedure, do not hesitate to contact us.

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