How to make a partial close in MetaTrader
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When trading on financial markets and opening a transaction, we may face the dilemma of whether to close the trade entirely and collect the profits obtained, or partially close our position to secure some of these benefits while keeping the possibility of the remaining trade continuing towards our main goal.

Therefore, if you want to carry out a partial closure of your operation, follow the steps:

  • Right-click on the order you want to partially close and select the “Modify or Delete” option to open the ticker window,

modify or close order
  • Once this window is open, you must select the corresponding type of execution “Market Execution”,

Market execution
  • After that, you set the volume that you want to close from the total of your open position and press the yellow button, which will allow you to close the corresponding volume,

set volume
  • Once this operation is completed, you can verify that the volume of your open trade has decreased.

new volume

Please note that to close an order partially, you must introduce a correct volume since the minimum volume allowed for a particular instrument is 0.1 lots. You will not be able to partially close 0.01 lots because this volume is not allowed.

If you have any problems or questions with this procedure, do not hesitate to contact us.

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