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How can I transfer money from my wallet?
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How can I transfer funds from my wallet to my live account?

If you've deposited your money into your wallet, you can transfer it to your trading account simply and easily in your Dashboard.

  1. Select "Transactions" then click "Transfer".

  2. Select the wallet number in "From".

  3. Choose the live account number in "To".

  4. Specify the transfer amount and click "Confirm".

internal transfer

How can I transfer money between my wallets?

You can make an internal transfer quickly and easily between your wallets in our other operating companies in your Dashboard.

Follow the below instructions to process the transfer:

  • Click on "Transactions" in the menu on the left

  • Choose "Transfer", then "Another company".

transfer money between operating companies

Please note: You will need to make sure that you have an open live account with both companies.

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