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Do I need to provide documents to make a withdrawal?
Updated over a week ago

If you wish to make a bank transfer withdrawal, you will need to upload a bank statement for up to three months to prove that you are the bank account holder.

As part of our efforts to safeguard our client's funds, we do not accept nor process payments from or to third-party accounts.

Why do you accept deposits without a bank statement but need it when requesting withdrawal?

When you are depositing via the bank transfer, we see who we receive the deposit from. And as the transfer was already sent to us, the bank authorized it, and we may accept it.

On the other hand, when we receive a request to withdraw, we need to make sure we send a withdrawal to the account belonging to our client who requested this withdrawal. It is based on the rule about third-party transactions: “Please note that Admirals shall not accept, nor process Payments directed to or originating from accounts belonging to someone other (third person) than the client”.

So, to comply with our terms and conditions, we ask for a document proving that the account you wish to withdraw your money belongs to you.

In case of a withdrawal request to the bank account, we ask for a bank statement stating the bank account number you request withdrawal to and your name and address. We compare all the information, and if all the information is correct, we send your withdrawal according to your request. If any information requires additional checks, we will contact you.

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