What is a No commission offer?
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The no-commission offer allows you to trade on stocks and stock CFDs without commission for some specific number of trades each trading day.

As you know, we charge a small fee for trading stocks and stock CFDs on our Trade and Invest accounts. With a no-commission offer, we set a rule that the first 6 one-side deals with a Trade.MT5 account and/or first three round-turn trades with a Trade.MT4 account type will be commission-free each trading day.

If you are trading on Invest.MT5 account, then first one-side deal with an Invest.MT5 account type will be commission-free for you.

Kindly note that the offer does not include Australia and Tokyo Stock exchanges. You may see our Terms and Conditions by this link. The standard commission will apply to all following trades. Other fees may apply as per the Contract Specification.

Why is the commission charged in different amounts?

You don’t need to register specifically for this campaign; you participate from the moment you register with us. So, when you start trading, you may see that some stock positions have commissions, and some don’t. Even the same position for stock instruments has a commission for opening but not for closing.

This answers all those questions: No commission offer.

Kindly see if your positions are charged with the commission according to the contract specifications and the following terms:

  • Trade.MT5 - first 6 one-side deals (open or close),

  • Trade.MT4 - first 3 round-turn deals (open and close),

  • Invest.MT5 - first 1 one-side deal (open or close).

If questions about commission remain, please get in touch with us, and we will dig into your situation for some answers.

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