Frequent questions about withdrawals
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Why can't you send funds back to the same account?

All deposits and withdrawals should be requested from the client's side. In Admirals, this request is done via the Dashboard on our site. It means that in most cases we cannot authorize any withdrawals if we do not have a request done from the Dashboard.

The request should contain a specific withdrawal method, currency and amount. So, if you request a withdrawal to your bank account, we will send it to the requested bank account if all the information is valid and the account belongs to you. But we cannot send the funds back to the source of deposit if you didn't request it via Dashboard.

But if you deposited it with a card, you may have the option to withdraw the funds back to the same card you deposited with (depending on the operational company you are registered with).

Can I withdraw money directly to the card I deposited with?

For some operational companies, we do provide the option to withdraw funds back to the card used for depositing. Please note that the bank and the card type should be able to accept the direct withdrawal – you may check this information with your bank. To check this option before withdrawal you may need to verify your card while depositing – you will see the option “Save my card” under the field “Cardholder name”:

The detailed instructions on the withdrawal procedure you may see in this article.

The transaction failed when I tried to withdraw to my bank card.

As mentioned above, we may offer direct withdrawals to cards with some of our operational companies. When depositing with a card you may have an option to save a card for future withdrawals and then request a withdrawal to your card. But if you see that a transaction failed for such a withdrawal, the reason may be your bank: not all the banks accept direct card withdrawals and not all the cards have that option.

If you face an issue like a failed transaction when withdrawing directly to your card, don't hesitate to contact your bank to check if direct withdrawals may be accepted.

Please note that the available payment methods depend on your country and the operational company you are registered with.

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