How can I extend my demo account?
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Per our terms, you may hold up to 5 demo accounts simultaneously and see them in your Dashboard. If you need a new account, close one of the demo accounts and then open a new one.

But our accounts have an expiration date, which is 30 days.

  • It means that opening a demo account is day 1,

  • When it is day 30, your demo account will be closed automatically.

We understand that sometimes you need your demo account to test your expert advisors or try a new trading strategy, and more than 30 days are required. In this case, consider opening a live account before your demo account expires.

How it works:

  • You apply for a live account and pass the verification,

  • Once you are verified and approved, you may open a live account,

  • Once you open a live account, your demo account will not have an expiration date.

Please note that to keep any of your accounts (live or demo), you must log in to them every 30 days. Otherwise, they will be deleted as not used ones.

Kindly note that the terms above may be different for some countries. Please check the detailed information with our customer support.

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