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Our partners may receive different types of commissions. The type of commission may depend on the operational company you are registered with, your country of residence, and even the type of partnership you have. You may read more on partnership options on our site.

For every region, we have a dedicated Partnership and Business Development manager entitled to negotiate with partners and set up standard or custom conditions. Our partnership department will provide you with all the available options for you.

In this article, we will describe available commission options, so that when you become our partner, you will already know how your commission will be earned.


The first option is a CPA system. CPA stands for “cost per acquisition”. In core, it means that you will be rewarded once for introducing a client to us. So, the more clients you bring, the more commission you receive, but the amount of money that can obtain for each client will depend on:

  • The initial deposit into the trading account

  • The country of residence.

Please check the next table to see all details.

CPA payment plan

Based on the table above we may say that if your client deposits 500 EUR/USD/AUD (depending on your operational company), you will receive 200/250/300 EUR/USD/AUD depending on the country of your client.

This leads us to the second factor: the country of residence. The amount of commission depends also on your client's country of residence. In order to simplify the rules, we've divided all countries into 3 groups.

Group 1

CPA country group 1

Group 2

CPA country group 2

Group 3

CPA country group 3

As we can see, for the same amount of deposit, the higher the group number of your clients, the higher the commission you will get. Let's see an example to be sure we understand all correctly.

Imagine, that you have a client from Italy. We see that Italy is in group 3. If your client from Italy deposits somewhere from 5,000 to 9,999 EUR/USD/AUD, you will receive a commission of 800 EUR/USD/AUD. But if the same client deposits 10,000 EUR/USD/AUD or more, you will receive a 1,000 EUR/USD/AUD commission.

Please note that we take into account only the first deposit of your client. If the client deposits for example 500 EUR and then adds another 500 EUR, we will only take into account the first 500 EUR during the process of calculating your partner commission.

Another important point here is the volume traded. After your client deposits the amount they choose, they need to trade for you to receive partner commission. For deposits from 500 EUR/USD/AUD to 999 EUR/USD/AUD, the amount of lots traded should be 5 lots. For the deposits from 1,000 EUR/USD/AUD, the amount of lots is 10 lots.

Revenue Share

Revenue Share says for itself – you bring clients, your client's trade, pay spreads, and we share that with you. This is similar to when you have cashback from your bank when you use specific cards in specific stores.

What is the amount of the Revenue Share?

The commission would be 25% of the spread or commission your client pays for trading. For Trade.MT4 and Trade.MT5 account types would be 25% of spread – every time your client opens the deal, he pays some amount of spread. And 25% of this spread will be given to you as a partner commission once the position is opened.

In the case of Zero.MT4 and Zero.MT5 account types 25% are for commission – as on Zero account types, we offer tighter spread and additional commissions, 25% of the commission that your client pays for their orders. Please note that you will not receive a commission for any other commission your client pays, e.g., deposit or withdrawal commission.

General comments on both payment plans

You need to remember that you will receive your commission if your client falls under several conditions:

  • For both payment plans, we don`t reward trades that last less than three (3) minutes. So, if your client holds his trades for less than 3 minutes, those trades will not be considered.

  • From 01.06.2020, the list of trading instruments accepted for Partners’ reward calculations includes only Forex and CFD on metals, energies and cash indices. It means, that trades for any other instruments won't be taken into account.

  • Account types accepted - Trade.MT4, Zero.MT4, Trade.MT5, Zero.MT5. So, your client may open one of those accounts.

When is the commission paid?

We calculate your commission automatically, but we do check it manually. So, we might need some time. Usually, our clients receive their commission till the 15th of each month. It means that if you brought a client and he did all the requirements in August, you will receive a commission for this client in September.

The information in this document is for reference only. If you want to become our partner, you may register and see options in your Dashboard or contact us.

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