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How can I log in to Admirals app?
Updated over a week ago

In our Admirals app, you may trade, deposit and contact us without switching to Dashboard – we have it all in one app. All you need is your email as a login and password for your Dashboard.

Following, we will tell and show you how to log in to our app and how to use trading accounts there. In this article, you may also see how to deposit via the Admirals app.

How to log in? Step-by-step guide.

Our app is exactly the same for both Android and iPhone, so the instruction is the same for both.

In order to log in to the Admirals app please open your app, introduce your email and log in. Please remember that these credentials are from your Dashboard, not from your trading account.

If you are not registered yet, you may also register from the start screen with the “Sign up” option at the bottom.

With every new device you use to log in we ask for a one-time password (OTP). Admirals app is no exception – we take security very seriously.

If you are logging in to the Admirals app for the first time the app will ask you to set a PIN – this is for security of your funds and trading.

Please follow the instructions: you will need to enter your PIN twice and you will be offered set biometry (if applicable for your device).

After those steps, you are logged in! Now you have full and secure access to your funds, trading and investing.

How to switch accounts in the Admirals app?

This is simple. All you need to do is:

  1. to click on “More” at the bottom of your app,

  2. then click on your name at the top,

  3. And you will see the full list of your accounts. The one you are connected to now will be highlighted in bright blue colour. You can also add a new account on this page if required.

On the same page at the bottom, you may switch between operational companies if several are available for you.

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