Mini terminal: Trading is not enabled
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When using the Mini Terminal in our MetaTrader Supreme Edition, we may encounter the message "Trading is not enabled" when attempting to open a trade after setting up our order.

How can we solve this problem?

To solve this problem, we must enable the "Algo Trading" option in our MetaTrader 5 platform.

trading is not enabled

Once this option is activated, we must check that "algo trading" is also enabled in our Mini Terminal. To do this, we must ensure that the Mini terminal is in blue in the "Navigator" section.

algo trading disabled navigator

If not, we will need to activate it by right-clicking the mouse.

enabled algo trading

*Please note that if we are working with MT4, the "Algo trading" option is called "AutoTrading." Additionally, for MT4, we should delete our Mini terminal from our chart and add it again.

Once the steps described above have been completed, our Mini Terminal should be able to launch orders to the market.

What happens if I want to open a trade, but the Mini Terminal does not show me that option?

If when you open the Mini terminal, you notice that when you try to open a new trade, you cannot because you do not see the corresponding button in the following two examples, you should use the button Ctrl and the button Minus (-) at the same time.

mini terminal visualization error
mini terminal visualization error

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