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I can't verify my phone number
Updated over a week ago

If you are reading this article, you need help verifying your phone number. Here, we will cover the most common reasons for this situation.

Issues on the side of your mobile operator

To verify your phone number, we send you an SMS with a code, which you must enter in the field. But sometimes SMS is just not going through. The most common reasons are simple:

  • Your mobile operator may have delivery issues,

  • The coverage needs to be better where you are located.

If you are located in a place with few cell towers, the coverage may have less quality. If there are no issues on this point, you should check the site of your mobile operator to prove if they have problems or planned technical maintenance.


If you are abroad, SMS may be delivered late or at all. This all depends on the mobile operator as well. We suggest contacting the operator if this is your case.

The number is already registered with us

If you have already registered with us with this phone number - your number is already in the system and cannot be used again.

In this case, we may help you if you contact us directly. Kindly provide detailed information about the issue and your request, along with your phone number, and we will gladly help you.

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