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How will news events affect the financial markets?
How will news events affect the financial markets?
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When news or data is released, it can have an impact on the financial market. It can lead to increased volatility and impact our investments, causing both losses and gains.

What is the main news that affects the financial markets?

In Admirals, we believe that providing information for our clients is vital, so this is the reason why we have an analysis section on our website, among which we can highlight our forex calendar.

In this economic calendar, you will be able to carry out exhaustive monitoring of the leading financial news in real time that can have a specific impact on the financial markets and, therefore, on your already open operations or on your possible investment decisions for the future.

This calendar is elementary to interpret since you only must indicate the time zone in which you are, the language, and the date for which you wish to obtain information. To learn more please read this article on our website for more info regarding our Forex calendar.

Nowadays, among the main macroeconomic news that affects the markets we can find:

  • Interest rate decisions,

  • Inflation data,

  • Economic growth data (GDP),

  • Employment data,

  • Industrial production data (ISM),

  • Consumer confidence data,

  • Consumer and production price indicators.

How does this economic news affect my investing and trading?

As a rule, both before and immediately after the release of essential news, the volatility in the financial markets increases, so the risk increases considerably and may suffer:

Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to this information to avoid having problems in the execution of trades and thus obtaining unexpected losses. Also, a good way to gain valuable market insights is to register for our live webinars where you can find information regarding these events and their possible impacts on financial markets.

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