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How can I upload my documents to the Dashboard?
Updated over a week ago

Once you have completed your application to open a real account, we will need to verify your identity to complete this process before you can make your first deposit.

If it is not possible to verify your identity electronically through Onfido, please, provide us with your documentation to complete this process, please upload the documentation through your Dashboard.

Where can I upload my documents?

Once you have logged in to your Dashboard choose the “Documents” section in the options menu.


Inside, you will find different categories at your disposal:

  • Identity verification: In this field, you must upload your national identity document or passport.

  • Proof of address: A proof of residence with your name and recent date. Among the accepted documents we can find supply invoices, bank documents and documents sent by the public administration. Remember that your name must be visible, appear in full and show the date of issue.

  • Additional documents: This field is only for processes when we ask for extra information.

  • Proof of income: As with the "Additional Documents" field, here you only have to attach documents in case we have requested additional information.

Once you have sent the necessary documentation, in this section you will find the status and if it was rejected, you can send a new copy by clicking on "Upload new".

upload new document

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