Withdrawal procedure: What methods can I use to withdraw funds?
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You can withdraw funds quickly, easily, and anytime in your Dashboard. To successfully withdraw funds into your bank account, please follow the simple steps below:

  • Open the "Transactions" drop-down icon and select "Transfer,"

  • Firstly, transfer the funds you wish to withdraw from the trading account to the Wallet.

Internal transfer
  • Open the "Transactions" menu again and select "Withdraw." In this section, you can see the available funds withdrawal methods. If you want to withdraw money to your bank, choose "Bank wire transfer" and withdraw the funds from the wallet to your bank account.

withdraw funds

*Note: The available payment systems may differ depending on your geographical location and the operating company you are working with.

  • Upload a bank statement issued within the past three months. Remember that screenshots are not accepted, and you must send documents in PDF format.​

  • Your withdrawal request will then be processed.

Our company, process fund withdrawals on the same business day if requested before 18:00 EET (18:00 EEST during summertime in Europe), and if no additional checking is needed (SOF, documents, etc).

After payment completion in your Dashboard (has Completed status), please allow time for payment systems and banks to process the payment.

  1. Wire transfers: withing EU and SEPA payments will reach clients on the same day,

  2. Wire transfers SWIFT: may take up to 4-5 business days,

  3. Payments to e-wallets: Instant,

  4. Local payment methods in Latin America, Asia, and Africa - depend on provider and method, up to 72 hours.

Please consider that we don't accept third-party transactions, so please use a payment system in which we can confirm that it belongs to you.

You can find more information on withdrawal methods on our Deposits and Withdrawal page. ​

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