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Taxation by Market. Additional taxes and national fees
Taxation by Market. Additional taxes and national fees

Additional taxes and national fees.

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When investing in securities, there are specific taxation regulations that investors need to be aware of. Understanding these tax obligations is crucial for individuals engaged in buying and selling shares within the market.

This topic will examine the details of taxation by markets and national fees, along with its implications for investing activities.

Taxation applies to anyone trading the applicable asset, regardless of their tax residency status.

Taxation on U.K. Shares

Stamp Duty

Applicable: Stamp Duty will be applied on all Buy transactions of shares in a Company incorporated in the UK, shares in a foreign Company with a share register in the UK, and rights arising from such shares.

Rate: 0.5 % on all Buy transactions


Applicable: A PTM Levy will be applied to Buy and Sell transactions where the Gross Value of the trade exceeds 10,000 GBP.

Rate: 1.0 GBP

Taxation on French Shares

French Financial Transaction Tax

Applicable: FFTT will be applied to shares of Companies whose Head Office is located in France and whose Market Capitalisation exceeds EUR 1 billion.

Rate: 0.3% on all Buy transactions

Taxation on Spanish Shares

Spanish Financial Transaction Tax

Applicable: EFTT will be applied to Spanish shares and equity-linked securities (i.e. depositary receipts) in listed Companies with Market Capitalisation above EUR 1 billion.

Rate: 0.2% on all Buy transactions

Taxation on U.S. Partnerships

Partnership Withholding Tax

Applicable: The Partnership Withholding Tax will be applied on sales and certain distributions associated with United States Publicly Traded Partnerships (PTPs) shares or exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Rate: 10% of transaction value

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