What step is my deposit on?
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You can find information about the status of your deposit requests in your Dashboard following these steps: transactions - transactions.


All requests are processed in the shortest possible time, but in order to understand at what stage the request is, please see the status of requests and their meanings below:

1. "Completed" status means that the request is processed successfully and the funds were credited to your trading account/wallet.

2. "Pending" status means that the funds were not credited to your trading account or it was an unsuccessful attempt to make a deposit. Most likely 3D secure code was not specified or information was specified incorrectly during the deposit. If you are sure that the funds were withdrawn from your account, please send the payment confirmation to our Customer support.

3. "Waiting for approval" status means that a deposit to your trading account/wallet was temporarily suspended due to data mismatch - the cardholder name (Name1) did not match the name specified in your Dashboard (Name2) (reasons for this could include a mistyped name spelling or that a third party credit card has been used).

According to our payment conditions, Admirals does not accept deposits to the client’s trading account from any third party. In order to proceed with the transaction and for verification purposes, you should provide a picture of the Credit card front clearly showing:

  • Cardholder name

  • Card number (at least 4 last digits of the card number must be visible; the number of CVC or CVV must be hidden if you provide the backside of the bank card too)

  • The expiry date of the Card.

On the occasion your Card does not contain your name (non-personalized credit card), please submit a Confirmation of your payment (bank statement) where your name and card number are visible in order for our Finance department to be able to verify your Card copy.

4. "Declined" / "Failed" A possible reason is that you've used an e-wallet, card or bank account that doesn't belong to you. We work hard to ensure that our client's personal data is safely and securely stored. As part of this, we are neither able to accept nor process payments from or to third-party accounts.

Our Company shall not accept nor process payments from or to third-party accounts.

Failed status means that the transaction failed. An error occurred while processing your deposit. Please try to make a deposit using a different method.

5. "Rejected" means that we have received a notification that the payment to your wallet/ trading account was temporarily suspended. This may be because the submitted details have invalid data or an information mismatch. Please note that your payment cannot be submitted at this moment. Our funding department is looking into it and we will send you an update as soon as possible.

In case you have some questions left, please contact our Customer Service.

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