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Why do I need a wallet?
Updated over a week ago

A wallet is used as a connecting account between trading accounts and clients' external funds (held on bank accounts, e-wallets, cards, etc).

There are several advantages to using a wallet, in terms of client funding:

  • Withdrawals are only possible from a wallet (Select "Transactions" then "Transfer" to transfer money from your trading account to your wallet, then withdraw money from your wallet to the external system).

Internal transfer
  • Funds deposited into a wallet are completely protected from any open positions held on the trading account (Compared to directly funding a trading account).

  • Funds can be stored in various currencies (A currency can be added or deleted via the "Show more" button)


  • Instant transfers within one operating company (If a margin call occurs on the account this can be very useful: select "Transactions" then "Transfer" and then "Current company").

internal transfer
  • Ability to transfer money between operating companies (Select ''Transactions" then "Transfer" and then "Another company").

transfer money between operating companies
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