You can explore the most successful traders and copy their trades via the Copy trading service.

In order to become a Copy Trading Subscriber, please follow some steps below:

  1. Log in to your Traders Room, go to the "Copy Trading" section in the menu bar on the left and switch to “For Subscribers” tab.

  2. After clicking on "Go to copy trading " you will be redirected to the copy trading panel. In this view, you as a trader can see all the strategies offered. By default, no trading account is connected to the copy trading service, you need to activate this option separately.

  3. In the Copy Trading Panel, you have the opportunity to find more information about each strategy offered. Here you can see the daily and monthly change as well as the maximum drawdown for each strategy.

  4. To get more details about a particular strategy, just click on it. All the information such as statistical data, risk level, etc. is collected in the new window. If you want, you can also ask a question to the master to get more details.

  5. If you are satisfied with the conditions and want to follow a strategy, scroll down a little and click on "Copy Now". After that, complete the registration process.

  6. Specify the investing amount, set the profit and loss levels and the other parameters, and accept the terms and conditions.

That's it! The copy trading offer has been activated and you will now copy trade positions.

Please note, that you can edit your copied strategies and manage your subscriptions in the Copy Trading profile directly.

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