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I'm an experienced trader and want to share my trading strategy. How should I proceed?
I'm an experienced trader and want to share my trading strategy. How should I proceed?
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You can be among the traders who share their expertise with others via the Copy trading service.

In order to became a Copy Trading provider, please follow the steps below:

1. Log in to your Traders Room, go to the "Copy Trading" section in the menu bar on the left and switch to “For Providers” tab.

Please note that you should have an active Trade.MT4, Trade.MT5 or Invest.MT5 accounts (under the CySEC regulation).

2. After clicking on "Go to copy trading " you will be redirected to the copy trading panel. In this view, you as a trader can see all the strategies offered and/or publish them as a master as well. By default, no trading account is connected to the copy trading service, you need to activate this option separately.

3. Select the option "Publish strategy" in your Copy Trading profile in the top right corner of the context menu.

4. In the new window select one of the trading accounts from which you will publish the strategy.

5. Make the general settings and set the parameters such as the investment amount, the fee structure, the allocation method and the daily profit and loss limits.

6. In the strategy description, you can choose the language and specify the name of the strategy so that followers can search for it later in the Copy Trading panel. Also a general description can be added in the extra field.

7. Before publishing, you should familiarize yourself with the terms and accept these.

8. Once accepted, the confirmation message will appear, and your strategy will be available in Admirals Copy Trading panel.

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