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What is a prohibited country?
Updated this week

A prohibited country is one where registration is not allowed in a specific operational company based on the requirements of the regulatory body or the conduct regulator.

Each operational company has a list of countries where registration is allowed. If a certain country is not listed, registration is not allowed there. During onboarding, the system will show you the available list of countries allowed for your region.

Do you accept clients from the USA, Canada, or Japan?

We do not currently accept clients from the USA, Canada, or Japan.

How can I register if I am from a prohibited country?

If your citizenship/nationality is from a prohibited country but you are currently a resident of a country that is available for onboarding, you will be able to register with us.

In this case, to proceed with the onboarding you may need to provide the following documents:

  • Your passport from your country of origin

  • Residence permit of the country you live in

  • Proof of address document

  • Bank statement no more than 3 months old of the account you will use to deposit in our Company.

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